Random collection of thoughts.


  • Boredom is a Good Thing · Boredome triggers creativity. Don't kill it by mindlessly filling in every second of your day.
  • Getting Clean from Notifications · Completely disable all your phone notifications to get some of that precious attention, energy, and focus back to your life.
  • Learning from Books · How to internalize things read from books by highlighting the well explained and the non intuitive and converting them into directives.
  • Resting into Productivity · Resting is as important as working. Never forget to rest so that you can consolidate learnings and be ready for a new day of work.
  • Todoist and Pomodoros · How to use Todoist and The Pomodoro Technique together for the ultimate productivity workflow.


  • Hugo: From Zero to One · A (non magical) quickstart guide to build a personal website from scratch using Hugo.
  • Site Style · Sample of basic Markdown syntac and Math typesetting that can be used in content files.
  • Effective Photo Management · Photography is not only about shooting. There is a process, an important process, that must happen after you shoot if you want to improve.