• Clean Coder by Robert Martin · My rating: 5/5 · How to be a professional! Encourages you to take responsibility and be a better professional in this young industry. The examples are great to help you figure out how to communicate better.
  • Effective Java by Joshua Bloch · My rating: 3/5 · How to write better Java. Has multiple tips and idioms to create saner and clearer applications, avoiding that feeling of drowning over all the options that Java offers. Recommended for everyone working with Java on a daily basis.
  • Effective Programming by Jeff Atwood · My rating: 4/5 · Very well structured with advice on how to improve as a programmer in different aspects; writing better code, dealing with customers, and improving your communication. Has examples for everything.
  • Don't Make Me Think by Steve Krug · My rating: 4/5 · Follow the directives explained in this book to build usable software. It's short but full of examples, knowledge, and tips. It'll help you make software less frustrating, easier to navigate, and better.
  • Growing Object Oriented Software, Guided by Tests by Steve Freeman and Nat Pryce · My rating: 5/5 · Using a simple language, clear ideas, and concrete examples, it builds a wealth of knowledge. It's very deep, touching hard topics of software maintainability, with real life examples. It'll get you to the next level.