• Master Todoist by S. J. Scott · My rating: 4/5 · Explains how to use one of the best task tracking tools out there, Todoist, with the GTD philosophy. It doesn't have anything new but it does a good job proposing how to use Todoist to achieve your goals.
  • Time Well Spent by Mike Burns · My rating: 3/5 · Time management techniques has nothing to do with managing time. Spend time doing the right things instead of doing many things. Being busy isn't valuable. Accept that everyone leaves things undone, but decide to leave the least important ones undone.
  • To-Do List Makeover by S. J. Scott · My rating: 4/5 · No new techniques, rather a mix of several ideas from other places. Its accomplishment is a simple and actionable system that works. I absolutely like this system, and it's what I'm using right now. It has helped me focus on what's important instead of doing busywork.
  • Tyranny of the Urgent by Charles Hummel · My rating: 3/5 · How we allow the urgency of tasks dictate our lives, taking all our time, whether we want it or not. Time is best spent doing important things. Looking back, a list of urgent tasks finished generates anxiety. A list of important tasks finished generates peace.