• Declutter Your Mind by S. J. Scott and Barrie Davenport · My rating: 3/5 · We are hardwired to worry and view situations more negatively than they are. This book explains some mental clutter causes and techniques to clear your mind. Try them out, practice them, and keep what works for you.
  • Ultralight by Leo Babauta · My rating: 3/5 · Minimalism applied to travel. Good and actionable ideas to make your travels lighter, less stressful, and more enjoyable. It's up to you to try out different things and eventually find your own ultralight meaning.
  • Simpler by Mike Burns · My rating: 3/5 · Explains the importance of being a minimalist. People are more important than things. Time is more important than things. Minimalism is a process not an end. The purpose of minimalism is to enjoy all the extra time, money, and energy that we gain by being a minimalist.
  • Simplify by Joshua Becker · My rating: 3/5 · Focusing on a simpler life helps build a better life. A life with less stress and less worries. A life with more meaning and joy. Impress your friends with your lifestyle.
  • The Power of No by James and Claudia Altucher · My rating: 2/5 · Emphasizes the importance and benefits of saying 'no' to situations that can cause us harm. It doesn't go into the details of how to actually say 'no'. Focus and constant effort will help you make a living by yourself. Includes an interesting 5 year plan for success.