Books Read by Me


Programming books on how to write better, cleaner, and maintainable code.

Growing Object Oriented Software, Guided by Tests — Steve Freeman and Nat Pryce

This book is great, it will definitely take you to the next level. Using a simple language, clear ideas, and concrete examples, it builds a wealth of knowledge. It’s very deep, touching very hard topics of software maintainability, such as software architecture and good design.

My rating: 5/5. It was awesome. My notes length: 6 min.
Date read: August 30, 2016. More information on Amazon.

Effective Programming — Jeff Atwood

The book is very well structured with advice on how to improve as a programmer in several different aspects; writing better code, treating your customers better, and improving your communicating. It explains everything with examples and solid advices.

My rating: 4/5. I really liked it. My notes length: 5 min.
Date read: November 10, 2016. More information on Amazon.

Don't Make Me Think — Steve Krug

It’s not very hard to make usable software if you follow the directives explained in this book. It’s not long but it’s full of examples, knowledge, and tips. It will help you make software less frustrating, easier to navigate, and better for your users.

My rating: 4/5. I really liked it. My notes length: 4 min.
Date read: October 21, 2016. More information on Amazon.

Effective Java — Joshua Bloch

A great book on how to write better Java applications. Java is a very big language with a very big standard library. This book will help you focus on some very good tips and idioms to create saner and clearer applications, avoiding that feeling of drowning over all the options that Java offers. I recommend it to anyone that works with Java on a daily basis.

My rating: 3/5. I liked it. My notes length: 13 min.
Date read: May 13, 2017. More information on Amazon.